Garlic Tomato Kale

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Simple, delightful, and loaded with great flavor and nutrition. You've got to try this simple dish!

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  • I ate this RAW as a salad without cooking to save all the enzymes and vitamins.  Note: on the Kale make sure it is pulled off the hard stem*, and torn into bite side pieces. Sprinkle with salt and massage the Kale with your hands to soften the kale. Then add all the other ingredients.  You can add Chia to the carrot juice while you are preparing everything else to thicken it. Mix and eat fresh!

    (I also soak my nuts. To soak walnuts and remove the enzyme inhibitors, soak in purified water for a minimum of  4 hours. Rinse well. For those individuals who get sores from walnuts, soak 4 hours, drain, soak again another 4 hours. This will help.  My tongue will no longer tolerate non-soaked walnuts or pecan mouth gets sore!) Green onions are excellent with this, but use sparingly. Also, a touch of cilantro and sliced avocado was good. Kale is my favorite salad green!

    *kale stems are great for putting through your juicer to make green juice.

  • 1 Tomato

    1 handful of walnuts

    1/2 to 1 cup carrot juice

    1 Tbsp minced garlic

    1 Tbsp Braggs liquid aminos

    As much kale as desired

    Optional to add mushrooms, onions, and coconut milk

  • I don't see the recipe for this dish in the Original Fast Foods book. Can you tell me how much of everything is needed to make this? Thanks.
  • G Conrad, I have some in my fridge! Come on over and I'll share! ;o)
  • I've been sharing some of these videos on facebook, generating quite a bit of interest. I hope as time goes on that mnay of the people, who see the videos and ask questions will join your forum and buy your book. Mostly, though, I hope they adopt some of the principles and begin to make Western people the healthiest, fittest people in the world instead of the most unhealthy, obese people in history. Not that I'm saying my friends are obese or anything. But you never know where things will lead. Thanks for this yummy recipe.
  • As I pondered recently how to achieve supeiror taste without adding salt, buillons, sugar, meat, and so forth, this idea popped into my head. I haven't created an exact recipe for it yet. Just adjust the basic ingredients to your taste. I'm glad your experience with it was as good as ours. The evening vegetable dishes video is an extension of this to provide a few more ideas.
  • Even without exact amounts, I made this for my family tonight, and we LOVED it! The kale cooked up to be a bit chewy (I don't know if this is how it's supposed to be or not), and it made the dish so filling and hearty. Almost like a good, old fashioned "comfort food."
  • Does this have a specific recipe in Original Fast Foods? If not, how much of everything should we use? Looks delicious!
  • This is one of those dishes that I'm trying tomorrow. I seriously wish I had some kale right now. I can't believe I said that. Kale has been one of those veggies that I've had to get to know gradually. Even now, it isn't on my A list. But with this recipe, it could be in a hurry. Thanks for another great idea!
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