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Simple, satisfying and tasty raw breakfast grain dish. Can use rolled oats or oat groats at the base. Precise ingredients and instructions found on page 131 of Original Fast Foods.

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  • If you mix your seasonings with the dry oatmeal, it will be easier to mix it all together. :)
  • what kind of juicer do you recommend?
  • I just love these recipes that are satisfying to both taste buds and time schedule!
  • Because of the mixed messages regarding diet, in my own search for truth, I like to reference the Lord's own handbook of health to see how the literature aligns. Research can now be conducted in such a way as to provide evidence to support nearly any orientation. The same phytic acids that are believed to be anti-nutrients in grains are show by other research to lead to more stable blood sugars and to multiple other benefits. Some research indicates the oxalates in leafy greens in may lead to osteoporosis; yet other research shows that oxalates are a blessing that tend to limit or intake of greens to amounts that are most healthful to us. As we eat too many greens, oxalates build up in the bloodstream until they cause nausea when faced with the prospect of eating more greens. Wait a few days and this passes, as the buildup of oxalates dimishes. The creator not only gave us His handbook on health, he created natural balances to help us, if we simply pay attention and give heed to what our bodies are saying. I have found massive amounts of negative research and literature on fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds--in other words, every plant-based food group. I know a woman who has convinced herself not to partake of any plant-based foods, because of getting bogged down in such literature. I recommend the prophet Daniel, Genesis 1:29, 30, the Word of Wisdom, the writings of the prophets, Jewish and other religious writings, the eating patterns of the most disease-free and longest-living people, and as advised by Apostle Witsoe, all science that aligns with the Lord's own Handbook. If science does not align now, give it time and it will eventually.
  • Sheila, all grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds can act as anti-nutrients because of phytic acids, enzyme inhibitors, tannins, lignens, indigestible sugars, and so forth--that are a part of their makeup. The soaking of grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds to make porridges such as muesli, or their fermentation in bread making are some of the longest-standing traditions on earth; moreover, such preparation methods are used extensively in cultures, which among other things, are known for exceptional bone health. Such practices are beleived to help overcome the anti-nutrient effects of which you have made reference, especially when accompanied by Vit C, such as occurs with the addition of fresh apple juice in this dish. It is most helpful to everyone that rather than imply that muesli will lead to poor bone health, site the literature that supports your thinking. We welcome truth from all sources, but none of us want added confusion that is simply unnecessary. Please provide accurate detail regarding your concern for using muesli as a breakfast option Thank you! Jim
  • We make the Swiss form of muesli called Birchermueseli, which is similar but really yummy. A mueseli mix, grated apples, plain yogurt, bananas and any other berries, raisins (yellow and brown), sunflower seeds, flax, date pieces and maple syrup. Some swiss soak it overnight or make it fresh in the morning.
  • I can't tell you the scientific name, but raw grains and cereals are not good for you from an osteopedic viewpoint. Raw grains cause a reversed process in bone building tissue that helps to deplete bone structure.
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