NL Braided Bread

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  • We've used this a few different ways, but haven't created actual recipes yet. Just for fun my children puts down a tomato sauce and a variety of veggies and a little cheese. Colleen has filled them with apple pie filling. For dessert you can combine some ricotta cheese with agave or honey, followed by a layer of jam, and then fresh bluberries, raspberries, and blackberries, topped with shredded coconut. Then we braid is and brush the top with agave to make it shiny. Think of your favorite fruit pie fillings (apples, berries, and so forth); each would go well on top of the ricotta mix just described. I would love to hear other fun inventions. It's important with braided bread to not use too much dough or the bread overwhelms the contents. Have fun!
  • Do you have any recipes out there for the fillings to put in one of these braided loaves?
  • Wow! Delicious...
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