NL Bread Dough

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This recipes requires water, fresh whole-wheat flour, and naturally leavened (sourdough) starter. See Properly Prepared Grains and Bread Starter and Videos in Free Downloads in the right-hand column of this website.

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  • I don't have amixer any more. My OFF cookbook is in one of the zillion book boxes in my garage. How should I mix this by hand? I have come to love hand kneading again as a relaxing way to tone the arms.

  • Heather, our bread-starter actually went to no charge or a small contribution to help us keep the dehydrator and starter-making going. We are presently doing a transition, sending starter to anyone who sends us a self-addressed stamped envelope, but updating information on this site to have them receiving it, along with a guide and recipes from Dr. Matt McClean. Anyone who obtains it this way does not have to send a self-addressed stamped envelope, but pays $7 that covers the cost of shipping, handling, and receiving his user guide. He was our primary original mentor as we mastered the process of naturally leavened bread making and has created a kitchen in his clinic for teaching bread making. Anyway, if you have already sent us a self-addressed stamped envelope, you will be receiving starter directly from us:) 

  • Did your price change for starter? I recently sent $5 for starter but this page is showing $6. Will I still get the starter? (I can send more $, if need be.) 


    I purchased the sour dough starter and I have followed the directions exactly. The directions said to let the mixture set until it the mixture becomes active and that it may take a "couple of days" I did that step Monday night and it still has not bubbled or started to rise. What can I do now? I re-read the directions several times and I have not missed any steps. Does this mean that the starter will not work?

    Thanks you

  • Thank you Hazel, you made our day:) Jim and Colleen


  • My bread did not rise and Im wondering if I did something wrong?

  • Under the sitemap on the main menu bar there is a link to an article on preparing grains if you are grain intolerant. Try this link:

    Properly Prepared Grains

  • Well that explains a question I have had for quite awhile.  Some gold miners in Alaska would keep their starter in a Prince Albert tobacco can inside their shirt to provide enough warmth for it to stay active and I wondered why the metal can didn't inactivate the starter.

    I have tried so many different sourdough recipes over the years and haven't been able to really nail down the exact reasons it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.  My friend made some of your recipe for me because of my wheat and starch intolerance.  I didn't react to it yet so I made some pancakes this morning and my legs still swelled a little, but my hands didn't break out, so we'll see. 

    I'm going to try your bread recipe, which was why I came to this site, but can't find it.  I watched the video, but couldn't find the recipe in writing.  Is it here?

    I thought this site only had recipes for the breads.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a site dedicated one of my major areas of interest-serving Heavenly Father through nutritional knowledge, practice, and sharing. 

    Thank you so much for your dedication to something so intensely needed in this epoch.

  • Hi Donna, when we first started making naturally leavened bread we read from countless sources to glean from other's experiences. Along the way we began to notice a ton of myths that were propagated about this subject. It is untrue that mixing your dough with a metal hook will deactivate the starter. What is probably true is that if you allow any acid to remain in contact with metal over long periods of time, the acid will react with the metal. The friendly bacteria, produce acid during the leavening process. Acid is a by-product of fermentation. This fermentation does not take place during a 12-minute mixing of the water, flour, salt, and starter. From time to time we've even allowed the dough to leaven (ferment) within a metal bowl, which also does not inhibit the leavening in the least.


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