NL Flat Bread

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For Naturally Leavened Starter, send a self-addressed stamped envelope, plus $5.00 to: Bread Starter 1221 N 1270 E American Fork, UT 84003

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  • I just recently became a member of this group.  I have looked everywhere and I can't find the "Daniel's Challenge eBook" that is referenced over and over. I've looked in the left column, the right column, just under the heading on the main page.........  everywhere the comments have mentioned, but NOTHING!!    Is it just no longer available? 

  • I can't find the Kitchen Challenge in the ebook either, but would love some more information on making this bread! Any suggestions?

  • Thank you i will try adding flour an water to make the starter look like a pancake-batter consistency.

    I just hope it make enough to make pancakes and bread.

    Wish me luck! if i can make bread this way i will be one happy G'ma, trying to learn a new way of baking bread isn't that easy, or is it? i hope i get to found out.... Thankyou again :-) 

  • I forgot to say...i don't know how much flour an water to add to the starter ?

  • Last night my Starter was ready, so i took 1 cup of stater for making the naturally Leavened Dough it's been rising slowly over night it's been raining alot here....Than this morning i thought i would make sourdough pancakes before my Appt, so i took three cups of starter for that. I have not fed any flour or water to the starter...this is where i need your help..hope i didn't mess the starter up.

  • Each time you make bread Pamela, save back enough starter that you can add more flour and water to it and reserve it in the refrigerator until the next time you want to make bread. For example, add at least a cup of flour and water to 1/2 cup or more of fresh starter, and save it until he next time you make bread. Then, repeat this each and every time you make bread so that you always have enough starter. You can make much more, if you way to give some away to others, just by adding more than a cup of water and a cup of flour. Seek to maintain a pancake-batter-like consistency as you make more starter.

  • Sorry i can't seam to found the (Kitchen Challenge Five) I just made my first i have taken what i needed to get my bread mix together.... now i don't know how much to feed back into the starter.HELP!

  • Maryilyn, the benefits of this bread are discussed in the introduction to Kitchen Challenge Five found in the free Daniel's Challenge eBook. It can be downloaded from the Main page of this site. As far as calories go, Naturally Leavened Bread is a whole-grain bread and has just as many calories as other whole-grain breads. As with other breads, if it is used to compliment your intake of fruits and vegetables, it is not fattening. If it becomes your primary source of calories, it is likely you will gain weight.
  • When eating this bread, is it less fattening than regular yeast bread. Where do you tell about the benefits of this bread?
  • I'm sorry to hear the post office shredded your starter. We've gone to charging for it because we simply cannot keep up with the demand and have to pay for help to keep it going. We recommend for those who want to purchase starter, that they send a thick envelope that won't shred easily in the post office.

    Starter can be formed with lactobacillus and can even be started with nothing but flour and water. I will write an article specific to this process. Jim
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