Potato Salad Supreme

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Simple and beautiful potato salad, loaded with lots of nutrient-dense vegetables and topped with a luscious avo-cucumber dressing. Enjoy!

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  • This is a delightful salad; like Colleen said in the video, adjust the flavor of the avo-cucumber dressing that tops this salad by including a little sweetener such as honey, agave, date sugar, stevia, and so forth. A little goes a long ways in this dressing so experiment slowly until you have just the flavor you want to carry the vegetables.
  • Thank you for showing your meals online they look better than when i look at the recipes in the book ,I think i will be fixing these meals more now,I feel like am not the only one fixing them and am not alone so thanks for for sharing.
  • We enjoy this dish best when the vegetables, other than the potatoes, are chopped up into small pieces so the dressing has more coverage.
  • Thanks for your response. Very timely. I am just about to prepare that for dinner!
  • The only cooked vegetables in the salad are the steamed potatoes; the others are raw and taste wonderful raw in this particular dish!
  • Your potato salad looks absolutely delicious. Are the carrotts and broccoli and peppers steamed or blanched? could not quite make out if the broccoli was raw. Could you please clarify .
  • Colleen are most of your You Tube videos in your book under recipes as well?
  • It's a pretty red VitaMix and yes, it is a superior blender. I've had one for over 15 years and not a lick of trouble and it gets used a minimum of twice a day.

    Aren't these recipes absolutely delicious?! I'm coming off a 30 day juice feast and can hardly wait to be eating some of these dishes. I know I'll be using this recipe this summer for all those heavy food picnics!

    Thank you for this site, it is lovely. Shari
  • What brand of blender do you use? It looks like it works far superior to the blender on my Bosch.
  • Dill weed or our favorite, Deliciously Dill, are both found in the herb section of most all grocery stores.
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