Pulse Soup

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Many clients, after tasting this soup, insist that it has the best texture and flavor of any soup they have every had. The recipe for Pulse Soup is found on page 128 of the second edition of Original Fast Foods. Enjoy!

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  • Gaylinn, I had the same situation as you where I was adding meat to my soups/salads/casseroles to please my husband and children.  (I would cut it in big enough pieces I could fish it out of my own dish, if need be.)  Then, I attended a lecture where Jim and Colleen said they would serve the meats on the SIDE for those family members who wished to partake.  (Ex: Shredded chicken that could be sprinkled over a warm Curry Coconut Soup.)  Silly me, I never would have thought of such a simple idea.  It's became a very helpful way for me to eat healthier and still allow my family the free agency to eat however they saw fit.  Sometimes just a small amount helps them eat meat "sparingly" but not feel they are being deprived or their free agency is manipulated.  In time, their taste buds will adjust and they won't miss the meat at all, but they have to be the ones to make that choice.  Tip: I tend to slightly under-prepare these meat side dishes, otherwise my family members would gorge or feel the need to clean it all up. 

  • Hi Gaylinn, both the Pulse Soup and Oriental soup are very good soups. I've never run a nutritional analysis on either soup. At the moment I cannot run my nutritional software. If I can overcome that dilemma, I would be happy to do a complete analysis on the soups. Of course the Oriental Veggie Soup is very high in nutrient density, given its makeup of primarily vegetables. Let me know how you like this pulse soup. It has been a favorite for a long time. We like to use the "Live Sprout" mix and sprout until a small tassel begins to appear, and then add those to the ingredients. It is such a hearty and filling soup. I'm sure the Italian sausage would also rev it up a notch in flavor, although it has outstanding flavor as is. By the way, when and if we do add meat or fish to food, it is always in such a manner as to compliment an already great dish. In that way it is quite easy to keep the addition to a sparing use where it "adds to" rather than "takes away" from the health benefits offered.

  • checking back it wasn't the Pulse soup I made it was the oriental Veggie Soup.

    This one I want to try this week....

  • I made this soup last week and totally love it. Although I HAD to add some kind of meat so my husband would eat it. I added some italian sausage Not alot compared to the amount of soup it made and it tasted great!!

    I would like to know what the nutrition facts are on this soup (minus the sausage). Calories, fat etc. I don't know how to figure all that out. Can someone help

    I would recomend this soup!!!!!

  • Use your favorite bouillon - chicken, beef, vegetable, etc.

  • What kind of bullion does this soup use?

  • Hi I have your wonderful book and the companion guide. I could find video links for the recipes in the companion guide but no actual recipes. I am currently living in Vietnam & my book is in storage. Is it possible to get the companion guide with the recipes or better yet, do you sell your book in downloadable format. If so I will gladly buy it again.

  • How do I get a copy of the companion guide.  I have an old outdated one.
  • I've never froze it before, but I don't see why not.
  • I'm making this soup for dinner tonight and I have sprouted way too much of the pulse mix. Can I freeze the extra amount?
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