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After watching this video read the five dietary habits of today's slimmest, most disease-free, and longest living populations. Ingredients: Carrot-Apple-Spinach 1. 6 to 8 oz spinach 2. 1.5 cups apple juice 3. 2 cups carrot juice Apple-Strawberry Spinach 1. 6 to 8 oz spinach 2. 2 cups apple juice 3. 1 lb strawberries 4. 1 ripe banana

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  • Include the peel; however, I would not recommend including the apple seeds. Juicing, as shown in this video is fine too; however, it can and does lead to elevated blood-sugar levels for some people, which is inadvisable. I don't recommend this way of making green drinks for diabetics.
  • When you say the whole apple, do you mean that the core is included? Peel?
  • Actually, the whole apple provides a greater benefit.
  • I notice that Colleen puts apple juice into her smoothies. I'm wondering why she just doesn't put the whole apple into the blender. We've been making green smoothies since April but we just throw the whole apple in. We also drink fresh apple/carrot/celery juice at the beginning of our day. Is there a benefit to using juice in the blender rather than the whole apple?
  • I know of an exceptional juicer for $99 and it comes with a 6-year bumper to bumper warrantee. Call 801-562-1212 and ask about the L'Equip Juicer. We do all our juicing with this juicer now--as seen in this video. It is best to juice fresh, unless you can find juices at the store that have not been pasteurized. Pasteurized juices are very hard on the immune system. In live blood analyses a single glass of pasteurized juices demonstrates that they will stop all white blood cell activity for up to 24 hours.
  • I'm saving for a good blender, but can't yet afford a juicer as well. If I don't have a juicer, is it ok to use 100% apple juice from the store? I've never looked for carrot juice - is that available? Is it possible to use the blender as a juicer by straining somehow?
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