Immune Builder Green Drink

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This drink tastes wonderful and is high in vitamins A, E, and K; it is also high in omega-3 fatty acids and zinc, each of which enhance immunity. Enjoy! Ingredients: 1. 3 cups apple juice, freshly juiced 2. 1.5 cups carrot juice 3. 8 oz Napa Cabbage 4. 8 oz Spinach 5. 2 Tbsp flax seed Instructions: after juicing apples and carrots, add one cup of juice to blender and blend the flax seed; then add two more cups of juice and blend all leafy greens; finally, add remaining juice and mix slowly. Enjoy!

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  • Can't wait to try this.   Thank You!!!
  • Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate your help.
  • I have researched this subject; there is literally no peer reviewed science in this area, which means the only evidence we have supporting food-combining theories at this point are anecdotal. This does not mean the food-combining theories are correct or incorrect; it simply means no one has bothered to subject the theories to the rigors of science, which means once conclusions are published, others can follow protocols expecting to achieve the same results. Unfortunately, in food combing the results are all over the board. I have some thoughts about the subject. Sugar is a food source for the friendly bacteria that populate our gut. A single piece of fruit will take two to three hours to enter the bloodstream. When combined with vegetables, grains, and/or legumes, it requires about five to six hours for the complete meal to enter the bloodstream. If combined with vegetables and grains/legumes and meat it takes eight to 12 hours. If there is a lot of meat it can take more than 24 hours to fully enter the bloodstream. The real issue is one of fermentation. The longer the sugar is exposed to the friendly bacteria, the more of the sugar is fermented by the bacteria and the more bacteria that show up to the party to consume the sugar. A natural by-product of fermentation is gas. Just watch the naturally leavened bread dough as it rises. You will see it bubble and rise as the friendly bacteria eat, breed, proliferate, and expand in population. Here is the take home message, sugar that takes a long time to absorb from the GI tract into the bloodstream is going to be consumed by friendly bacteria and will lead to gas and digestive discomfort. It isn't bad for you, but it is uncomfortable. A smoothie absorbs very quickly, even though the vegetables are mixed with fruit. It does not take super-blended vegetables and fruit very long to digest. Very few people experience digestive upset drinking green smoothies. My favorite breakfast is a fruited salad. These never causes me digestive upset. My final word on the subject is that results vary for everyone; pay attention to how your body reacts. If you try a smoothie when you have the flu and don't feel good, don't attribute your poor feeings to the smoothie. Drink another smoothie when you are well. Also, I like to encourage folks to drink their smoothies slowly, especially if they have blood-sugar problems, or they will experience elevated blood-sugar levels because of how fast the smoothies is absorbed into the bloodstream. I don't like any theories that ignore basic science or do not explain what is actually happening when there are problems. Truth is never a mystery. I hope this discussion can provide some thoughts that can enable you to make the choices that work best for your present condition and health. Jim
  • There is another school of thought with veggies and fruits. Some do not recommend mixing fruit and veggies at the same meal. Have you done any research to find out the pro or con of this idea?
  • Jennifer, the videos are group by categories:
    1. Drinks and raw fruits and vegetables
    2. Dressings
    3. Satiating Salads
    4. Vegetable and Vegetable Pulse Dishes
    5. Properly Prepared Grains
    6. Fun Extras
    7. A Sparing Use of Meat

    To look through these you can either browse all the videos at once, or when you select any video from any of the seven categories, you can click on its tag below the video that begins with dckc. That will bring up all videos in that category. Look through them and see if any of the examples look as if they would be hits with your family. You don't have to learn all recipes in each category, but it is helpful to learn an enjoyable variety in each category that your family likes. Don't force it on them; just seek to discover healthful choices that you can realy enjoy together. Not all recipes will work for you, but many will. Be sure to read Original Fast Foods and the downloadable version of Daniel's Challenge to better understand. You don't want to resort to constraint or you will have a rebellion on your hands. I have children ranging from four to 27. All of them enjoy eating at home, but first we came to understand the principle of a healthful diet, and then we learned a sufficient variety of healthful recipes to support the pattern of eating we now enjoy. Look at the comments others have left who have successfully made a recipe to give you even more ideas. Jim
  • I just recieved your book from my mother in law. How do you get kids to eat like this, or is it a process that may take little changes over time. I'm afraid if I thrust it on them all at once I'll have a major rebellion on my hands.
  • We often add carrot pulp to tomato-based entrees, such as Daniel's Chili or Marinated Veggie Soup.
  • I have had my Juicer for a few days now and am loving the various recipes! I do have one, perhaps odd question-- do you ever have any uses for all the pulp that is left over? I know there wouldn't be much if any flavor in it, but are there any uses in other recipes that need extra fiber?
  • I've tried varying the ratios quite a bit. 50/50 works very well and so does increasing the Napa Cabbage intake; this type of cabbage is so flavorless that large quantities do not detract from a good flavor. But do note that this is a Chinese Napa Cabbage and not ordinary cabbage which has a stronger flavor. Jim
  • Was the written recipe it says 8 oz. each of cabbage & spinach and in the video she added 10 oz. of cabbage and 6 oz. of spinach. Mistake in the oral? Or the written? Or does it matter?

    Thanks, Shari
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