Carrot Juice Immunity Blends

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Ingredients: 1. Four medicum apples 2. Eight to 12 carrots 3. 6 to 8 oz Spinach or other leafy green Directions: Juice carrots and apples and enjoy; or, place juiced contents into blender with greens and then blend and enjoy! In the comment section below I will add some other similar drinks, to help spark your inner creativity.

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  •  Look at the ingredients in this V8+ Drink and watch the video a couple times and you will see how easily that you can creatively make other amazing breakfast, lunch, or dinner drinks that serious up your nutritional intake. Good luck

     Raw V8+ Drink
     Serves: 1
     Preparation Time: 5 minutes

    1 cup carrot juice
    1 stalk celery, juiced
    1 small to medium apple, juiced

    1/2 cucumber, juiced
    1/2 small to medium beet, juiced

    4 Roma tomatoes, cut to blend
    1/2 red bell pepper, cut to blend
    1/2 avocado
    Good handful of watercress or kale (may substitute other greens)
    1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
    1/2 tsp horseradish
    Spices: dash of parsley, sweet onion, a garlic clove, and a pinch of cayenne pepper

    Blend all ingredients until smooth and add ice until it reaches a desired coolness. Enjoy!
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