Coleslaw Salad

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See page 154 of Original Fast Foods for complete recipe and instructions.

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  • I guess I should mention that the recipe I was referring to was the coleslaw salad.
  • Jim and Colleen, How many adults will this recipe serve? Will it store for a day or so?
  • I would really love for you to show how to make the NL bread and starter.
  • Is that recipe in the new book? I can't find it in mine.
  • Hi Mary Ann, I'll look over the NL bread recipes and make sure we fill in the missing pieces. I don't think we've show how to make and nurture starter. We will do this right away! We already show how to make the dough from the starter on another video.
  • How do you make the sour dough for unleaven bread? Mary Ann
  • This is beautiful. It looks so simple and fast. Course I know the salad chopping takes a while.
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