Teriyaki Almond Flax Crachers

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This cracker is quickly becoming a favorite crunchy treat. To make this recipe, use our Teriyaki Almond recipe found on page 144 of Original Fast Foods to make the sauce; add to the sauce 3 cups of chopped almonds--we prefer them soaked, dehydrated, and then chopped. Then add the Basic Mix for Flax Crackers found on page 142 of Original Fast Foods. This same basic mix is used to make every variatoin of flax crackers presented on this website. As you enjoy this cracker whole or broken up as a topping for your salads, remember, this combination of figs, dates, grains, nuts, and seeds, provides many rich nutrients, including health omega-3 fatting acids. It is a beautiful complimentary combination that can be added to any meal.

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  • Thank you Faye, for sharing your success and for letting everyone know that you don't have to have a dehydrator to make this work. You will love banana-walnut too! One day after pulling five or six varieties out of the dehydrator, my sister stopped by as I was bagging them up. She tried the chocolate, then the teriyaki, then the banana walnut, then the super sugar crisps (honey almond), then the Italian, and so on. When I asked her favorites so that I could send some home with her she replied, "My favorites are whichever one I'm eating at the moment:)" Hope to hear for from you again with your next go around. The raw lemon cookies are really fun to change into various flavors as well--orange, apricot, pomegranate, banana, and so forth. Once you get the basic patterns down, substitutions are really fun and easy. Jim
  • I've been wanting to try making flax crackers and finally got my buckwheat. I decided to try this flavor first and they were wonderful! My kids liked them and thought they tasted like the teriyaki jerky we used to make.  I didn't have figs or nama shoyu so I just used more dates and my soy sauce from Traders Joe's. I also don't have a dehydrator but they turned out great in my oven at 100 degrees. Thank you for these recipes. It's difficult to find good, healthy snack food to keep around and these are perfect, although I'm finding I have to put them away and not leave them on the counter. They are addictive. I have some more buckwheat soaking to make another flavor. I think I'll try the Banana Walnut next.
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