Daniel's Chili

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Daniel's Chili is a wonderfully filling nutritous dish that can be made in bulk and stored in the refrigerator or freezer in serving sizes for you and your family. For precise ingredients, see the recipe index on page 130 or 134 of Original Fast Foods, depending on whether you have the 1st or 2nd edition. Enjoy and share this dish with others

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  • Hi:


    I am relatively new to this site and to healthy eating/cooking.  I appreciate the videos so much and am looking forward to receiving the book soon for more great recipes.  I have a question.  I notice that some of your recipes call for bullion.  Since I am trying to avoid MSG, I have thrown out all of my bullion.  Do you have a recommendation of something that could be used in it's place that doesn't contain MSG?  Thanks so much!

  • When we were trying to come up with a good vegan chili, it just happened to be the time of the year when the radio station KSL in Salt Lake City Utah was hosting its annual chili cookoff. I went out to their website and looked at all the winning recipes dating back several years. Many of the ingredients from beer to pork I ignored, but I kept seeing cocoa powder or some form of chocolate showing up in the ingredient list. We tried it and found that it helps to enrich the overall experience just a bit to add a little baking cocoa. By the way, whenever I'm stuck on developing a new recipe, I'll look at 20+ recipes of a similar recipe, just to come up with ingredient ideas that can help enrich without taking away from the healthier aspects. It's kind of fun.
  • I really love adding a little Un-sulphered black-strap molasses..It adds a really nice flare! (Not alot..about a Tbs).
  • really? Cocoa?
  • Now, why didn't I think to use the food processor for all those veggies? It's so much faster! Thanks!
  • My kids went crazy over the peanut butter and applesauce dip...I can't wait to try this chili! Thanks!
  • I love the old hide the veggies in the sauce trick. I had one child with texture issues that we did this with for awhile. I never used the amount of veggies that you do and am looking forward to making this for dinner tonight. I just happen to have three types of beans simmering on the stove at this moment. Thanks for the great video.
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